Hello travellers from the world,

welcome to our tropical home Maldives, to The Sunny Side of Life!

Who we are? We are "other way holiday", Czech-Maldivian family company specialized for traveling to Maldives and much more. Czech company managing travel agency and is tour operator as well. The company is specialized for tropical paradise Maldives or combination of Maldives with Sri Lanka and stopovers at United Arab Emirates and Qatar.

Why Czech? Because the founder and owner of the company, your travel designer, photographer, marketer and website designer is me, Czech girl Lucie. I personally traveled to 119 islands of Maldives and have been snorkeling about the same number of the coral reefs in 13 Atolls of Maldives till now. 

Why Maldivian? Because my business partner and my right hand in Maldives is Maldivian man Siraaj. He already traveled to over 200 Islands and all Atolls of Maldives and have been snorkeling to over 200 coral reefs and diving to over 80 famous dive spots.

Let us say "We know Maldives very well.


"Explore with us five different worlds in one country, the city, the lazy village,

Robinson's Crusoe, the luxury and the underwater."

What We do? 

- customized trips and stay in Maldives on budget or luxury way, anything you wish

- pick up service and airport representatives

- booking of guest houses, hotels, resorts and yachts

- booking and arrangement of all transfers (speed boats, seaplane, domestic airlines, taxi)

- city tours with guides or without

- tours around the islands with guide, specially adventures, me and Siraaj as guides

- excursion & activities

- weddings on the beach or anywhere you wish

- photography service from talented local photographers

- culinary travel

- beauty service

and much more


Plus one more amazing thing is coming up and it's our own, not just next ordinary the guest house but residence Atholhu Residence, located at beautiful inhabited local island Fehendhoo a beautiful natural Goidhoo Atoll (Baa Atoll), which is home of mantas and whale shark and much more sea creatuers. Soft opening in December 2020! Hopefully!


What we did? 

Part of my company is as well destination marketing and special presentations under the name "Touch of Maldives" in Czech Republic and Slovakia. We cooperated on many projects with different media a magazines, TV's, with filmmakers and participated on charity projects.


One of our project, documentary movie about Maldives "Escape to Maldives", which was done by filmmakers "Escape to Nature", was supported by Tourism Ministry and MMPRC - official marketing board of Maldives as well. This documentary movie won many awards in the world.


In 2019 / 2020 was for 2 months installed many of my photos from Maldives at famous cafe in the center of Prague (Czech Republic) and the photos was moved permanently to famous office building in the center of the Prague. 




Why travel with us?

Because we know what we do. Who knows Maldives better than girl, which seasonally live in Maldives since 2009 and Maldivian man, which is local and traveled to over than 200 islands? 

How we work?

We cooperate with hand picked budget and luxury guest houses and hotels at inhabited local islands and budget and the most luxury resorts and yachts. I personally selected best locations and accommodation for you and visited most of them.  

Who are our clients? 

Our clients are mainly Czechs and Slovakians. Sometimes other Europeans, Arabians and Asians. We made tailor made holiday for many ordinery people but as well for many VIP's, actors, singers, journalists and TW crews. Many of our repeaters becomes our friends as well. English website is bit poor, I know, but it's just our small "business card" for our foreigner partners and potential clients from the world. If you are interested to know more about us, visit our czech version, which is quite a rich. 

How to get quotation for your perfect tailor made holiday?

It's simple, just drop us and e-mail (info@otherwayholiday.com) and tell us your travel dates, number of travelers (if you will travel with kids, write us age please), your nationality, which kind of activites would you like to do in Maldives and your budget and we will prepare for you best holiday in your life! Check reviews.

Looking forward to see you in Maldives!


Lucie & the Team


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Tour operator and travel agency "other way holiday" by OWH s.r.o., Prague, Czech Republic

Ms. Lucie Mohelnikova (founder, owner and general manager)

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OWH Collection Pvt. Ltd., Usmaanee Hingun, 06120 Fehendhoo, Baa Atoll, Republic of Maldives

Tel: +960 997 64 81 (Lucie) - only in the case I am in Maldives

Tel: +960 742 24 22 (Siraaj)

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